Saturday, September 17
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm (Public Showings of Films Submissions)
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm - 5 Min Film Fest w/ Q&A and AWARDS
Sign up to particpate - all skill levels welcome.
The Artisans Sanctuary 45 16th Ave SW
$5 GENERAL  ADMISSION / WARNING: Some Content May Not Be Suitable for All Ages

Wether you have never made a single film in your life or have created 100 this is your festival. The CR 5 Minute Film Fest is your chance to spread your wings and create a short film that is 5 minutes long. No experience needed. This is the festival where you can do your thing, try out something new, and find support and feedback. Simply put.. it's a whole lot of fun!

This edition of the CR 5 Minute Film Festival will be part of a city wide event called CRAVE helping to raise awareness and participation in the arts.

NEW FOR THIS EDITION: As a part of this special day we will be running all films in rotation from 1p-5p in the afternoon and will be open to the public for free during the afternoon art show and events happening during CRAVE. During this time guests will be able to vote for their favorite films.

::::: SCHEDULE :::::
5:30pm ::::: Doors open
6pm- 10pm :::: 5 Min Film Showcase with Q&A from creators. (Public Voting and Critique)
9:30pm :::: Awards

* General Admission is $5.
* Popcorn will be available. Bring your own drinks.
* Some content may not be suitable for children.

::: AWARDS ::: We are following the format of the last CR5MFF. Categories will be similar to last year. Everyone in attendance will be given ballots for each film for voting and comments.


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----------- GET INVOLVED ------------------
1. SIGN-UP HERE : https://docs.google.com/ forms/d/ 1AzVVzkPH4tCeEIVqiBduKpTXct lQazg81rbWwcfOdb0/ viewform?usp=send_form
2. SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY FEE payment of ($10 per film)- includes 2 admission passes. Mail it in with your entry or pay through Paypal to info@nexusentertainmentart s.org.
4. SUBMIT YOUR FILM: You Must send us your film in advance for screening. Please mail a DVD to CR 5 MIN FILM FEST c/o Nexus Entertainment Arts at the Artisan's Sanctuary, 45 - 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52404 / DEADLINE: 1 week prior to event
5. INVITE EVERYONE and come have fun!!!

----------- RULES & GUIDELINES ------------------
1. Running time must not exceed 5 minuets in duration - not including credits.
3. Opening Credits - Before your film starts it should have....
*** 5 seconds of black
*** Title card with film title at top, name, genra, city and date below
*** Official CR 5 Min Film Fest animated opening OR a title card with: This film was made for the Cedar Rapids 5 Minute Film Festival presented by Nexus Entertainment Arts
*** All Title cards must be black background with white type
***2 seconds of black following title card. Your film follows these 2 seconds of black.
***End credits should not exceed 60 seconds.

::: VOTING::::
Categories for Judging are: Editing, Acting, Score, Music Video, Lighting, Sound Design, Comedy, Cinematography, Bloodiest & the coveted Ed Wood Award. Film Makers will receive their films critique sheets following the awards.

::: Q&A:::
No. Credits do not count against your 5 Min.
Yes. All film styles welcome... horror, comedy, silent, interviews, experimental.
Yes. You can enter music videos.
Yes. Music Videos are welcome too. In fact there is a special award for it.
No. You don't have to tell us what category you're entering under. Do your thing. Some films win multiple awards.
No. There are no rating restrictions. If there is graphic content we will announce that before your film is shown.
No. We can't accept blu rays or youtube submissions. You must put your content onto a disc as a playable DVD or Compressed Media File for playback.
Yes. If you have questions just ask here. We're an open bunch who love film and want to see the art form continue to grow in the area!


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Nexus Entertainment Arts
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Cedar Rapids, IA 52410
P:(319) 329-5026
E: experiencenexus@gmail.com


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